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Izdavač: Agora
Godina izdanja: 2022
Jezik: engleski
Pismo: latinica
Povez: tvrdi
Format: 21×14
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Deep and casual, elegant and jocular, poetically rhythmic,
defamiliarizing- Such is Kajtez’s new novel The Permanent Exibition.
In the background are the war-torn nineties and the playboy scene
and the secret life of a city similar to the writer’s hometown.

The author’s attention to detail is fierce, the ironic precision is imperative.
The humor is unobtrusive, full of hilarious connotations.
The range of scattered stories, after a sovereignly conducted game on a thread
comes together into a clear picture which slides towards the climax.

For Kajtez it cannot be said that he is either a conventional or unconventional writer,
he is above conventional. All that remains for the reader is to get used
to glasses with heightened perception.
Nenad Šaponja

The novel The Permanent Exibition is as if it was a product of a perfect writer,
programmed by intelligent design.
Igor Petrišić

For more than a quarter of a century I have been calling Miodrag Kajtez our Joyce.
Kajtez, completely immune to compromises of any kind, belongs to the ranks of the greats of
contemporary Serbian prose to whom newspaper editorials and the trinkets of vivid details
which entertain the superficial spirits and equally distant and apposite. Kajtez s autarchic. . .
Draško Ređep (2017)

Within the corpus of contemporary Serbian literature, Kajtez’s prose represents
one of the most consistent and well-constructed Romanesque opuses to this day.
Boris Lazić

Miodrag Kajtez (1962) is one of the most distinctive Serbian writers.
Kajtez introduced entirely new and unexpected tones to the contemporary Serbian prose.
His novels The Holy Family (1993), Porn Exercises (2001), Anti-Etherealness (2010),
The Exibition (2015), stylistically impeccable, they offer a highly unsual and literarily
provocative vision of the world.


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